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Are You Tired Of The Traditional

Bulky And Expensive Steel Dumpsters?



The Dumpster That Is Ready When You Are !

The Better Dumpster Bag.


The Better Dumpster!

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· Requires lead time

· Rentals are expensive

· Roll-off dumpster are big, bulky and very

· Damaging to driveways

· Obstructs access to property

· Unsecured waste can be hazardous 

· Transporting waste & debris can be 
dangerous and illegal




EZ-Dumpster the 4 yard disposable dumpster

is the ready when you are.

Watch For Us In A Store Near You.


From Package

To Pickup

Is Your Waste Management Firm Ready to Generate Additional Revenues ?


  Competitive Advantages

   Protected Territories

   Industrial/Commercial Size, Strength
   and Durability

   Unprecedented Collection Versatility

   New Revenue Market

   Collection Premiums

   Lead Generation

   New Distribution Channels

   Brand Recognition Through  Retailers

   Additional Marketing Opportunities


If you want to be part of the team that revolutionizes the dumpster market,

then contact us.  Because if you don’t, your competitors will.

Are You A Homeowner or Contractor Experiencing The Typical Waste Disposal Issues?

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The Dumpster That Is Ready When You Are !


                 The Better Dumpster.

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